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Jeetmull Jaichandlall (P) Ltd started manufacturing Wire Mesh in the year 1943. Since then it has diversified into various Wire - Products manufactured by Automatic Machines manned by skilled workmen and guided by a team of technical experts producing quality Wire Mesh and other Wire Products. We are the Advisory Members of the Sieve Committee of the Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi. (IS-460, IS-2405, IS-3150 etc.)

We are permanently registered with D.G.S. &D. New Delhi. Besides we are registered with major Government Department & large private sector units ranging from Defence, Atomic Energy, Electricity, Iron & Steel, Oli & Refinery, Fertilisers & Chemicals, Cements, Food-Processing, Plantations, Automobile, Engineering, Mining, Construction etc.

Our long experience comes in handy with our products enabling you to select the right quality for your needs. Kindly enlist our name in your mailing list and send your enquiries by Email/Fax.

In 1943, Jeetmull Jaichandlall (P) Ltd was founded. Since then, it has expanded into producing a variety of wire products using automatic machines operated by skilled workers under the direction of a team of technical specialists. These products include high-quality wire mesh and other wire products. We are a reputable Chicken Wire Mesh Manufacturers In Kolkata, West Bengal, and we push wire industry innovation. We offer a wide variety of wire mesh products, including Test Sieves, Springs, Square Wire Mesh, Double Crimped Wire Mesh, Vibrating Screens, Perforated Sheets, Conveyor Belts, And Hexagonal Wire Mesh.

We are Advisory Members of the Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi's Sieve Committee (IS-460, IS-2405, IS-3150, etc.) Our registration with D.G.S. & D., New Delhi, is permanent. In addition, we are registered with significant government agencies as well as private sector organizations in various fields, including construction, engineering, mining, atomic energy, iron & steel, cement, and food processing. Our extensive experience helps you choose the best quality for your needs with our Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet.

We are one of the most cutting-edge industries in the world, paying close attention to even the slightest product details. We use advanced equipment and modern methods to ensure that our products are relatively precise. Our experts are capable of finding straightforward answers to complex issues. Our day and night labor never failed to help us establish a new standard in the international market. Our Punch Plates are designed to benefit you in every way. Each Poultry Fencing is backed by a warranty making us everyone's first option.

Our first objective is to provide more than what customers are willing to pay for. We are the ones who strive to uphold our promise of offering our clients excellent quality. Being one of the reliable Compression Springs Suppliers And Exporters In India, we provide our customers with high-quality goods. To ensure the highest level of client satisfaction, we strictly adhere to industry standards. We promptly and safely transport our Aluminium Wire Mesh to your location. You can rely on us for bulk orders. Our entire selection is offered at the best price on the market.

Take our executives' advice professionally if you're still unsure. Pick up the phone, give us a chance, and allow us to pop your bubble. We pledge to uphold the faith always. Reach out to us right away via phone or email.

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