Wire Netting

One of the primary, as well as the popular products of Jeetmull, is wire net that is used for various purposes. The company is participating in the sector since 1943. The company is dedicated to manufacturing economically viable and high-quality wire netting that has application in safety, security, storage containers, and much more. The grid-like structures of the square and rectangular wire nets are applicable in construction industries, engineering sector, pavements, warehouse shed slabs, etc. The company offers double and inter crimped wire nets that are renowned for its high quality and durability. The excellent weave and high rigidity make it ideal for mining industries, petrochemical sector, protection of poultry, construction, ceiling, and roofing decoration, etc. The wire nets are anti-corrosive in nature which provides robust construction solutions.

The exclusive range of stainless steel wire nets, carbon steel wire nets, and GI wire netting are available in fine, soft and flexible to very rigid materials which makes it versatile and widens its applicability in various sectors. Furthermore, the company provides wire netting solutions in the domain of Defence, Atomic Energy, Electricity, Iron & Steel, Oli & Refinery, Fertilisers & Chemicals, Cement, Food-Processing, Plantations, Automobile, Engineering, Mining, Construction and many more.

The accurate designing and dimensionality of the wire nets provide it endurance capabilities, possess aesthetic appeal, and offers protection. The various wirenets manufactured by Jetmull includes plain weave wire netting, dutch weave Hollander wire net, welded wire net, woven wire netting, Inconel wire netting, copper wire net, brass wire net, plastic wire net, nylon wire net, aluminium wire net, HDPE wire netting, mosquito wire netting, filter wire net, SS 304 type wire net, SS 316 type wire netting, and fine wire netting.