Wedge Wire

  • Wedge Panel

    Wedge Panel
    The Wedge Wire Panel has been designed in a unique way to suit the requirements of the customer. This Wedge Wire Panel is a welded structure made in steel. It is used majorly for filtration, separation and retention. It is one of the most cost effective solution for the screening applications. The wide usage of Wedge Panel is also because of the fact the slot formed by the V-shaped surface wire prevents the clogging. The high open area of the wedge panel provides an excellent capacity. It also has high tensile strength and an extended service life. It is one of the most attractive solution for separating solids from liquids, dewatering, distributing and more. It also offers strong construction because of the welding at each intersection.
  • Looped Wedge Wire

    Looped Wedge Wire
    The company manufactures high quality looped wedge wire screens which are manufactured according to the requirement of the customer. This type of wire screen is made from round wire looped at regularly pitched intervals. This is then pressed into a deep wedge shaped section. The wedge wire screen in looped finish and circular reinforcement majorly finds its usage in the mining industry, dewatering, deslurrying and more.
  • Welded Wedge Wire

    Welded Wedge Wire
    Known for its great strength precision and long service life, the Welded Wedge Wire is manufactured using V shaped profile wire. Also known as rotary screens , these have complete side flanges and drums. These are very effectively used for filtration in the sugar and chemical industries. These looped wedge wire are marked by high open are and rigid construction. These are majorly used for sizing, drying, media retention, de-watering, straining, crude oil and natural gas production and more.
  • Sieve Bands

    Sieve Bands
    The Sieve bend designed by Jeetmull is a high capacity classifying and dewatering screen to support the separation of solid and liquid slurries by incorporating fluid action, gravity and centrifugal forces. The unique feature of this product includes easy to replace deck sections, wear tear resistant, no power required, low operating cost, reversible screen and efficient in processing high capacities of material. These sieve bands are designed to deliver high dewatering performance by combining superior materials and design to maximize the performance. These screens are primarily used in the coal industry, however, they are finding uses in mineral and industrial applications.
  • DSM Wedge Wire

    DSM Wedge Wire
    The company manufactures DSM Wedge Screens with single, double and triple decks as per the customer requirement. They are marked by high tensile strength, sturdy construction and corrosion resistance. They are majorly used in sieving, sorting, sizing, grading conveying, produce sieves up to the range of finest mesh & micron mesh size.