Concertina Razor

  • BTO 22

    BTO 22
    Razor barbed wire BTO-22 in hot dipped galvanized sheet is used majorly in the prisons, mental hospitals and for military purposes. Its basically used in places where high security is required. This BTO 22 Razor Wire consists of razor wire, a music piece and the notes that belong to the shape of this wire.The Concertina Razor is widely put to use in residential complexes. This not only helps in increasing the length of the boundary wall but adds to the security of the building. The presence of razors make it difficult for someone to cross the boundary wall. It is also used in prison walls, military bases, airports etc.
  • BTO 30

    BTO 30
    Fabricated with razor-sharp stainless steel blade and high-tensile galvanized wire, the Concertina Razor BTO 30 is put to wide variety of use in the present day times. The most important feature of this razor fencing Is the high level of security offered by it. Anyone who makes an effort to cross the boundary will have serious cuts inflicted by razor wire fence. It is used on a large scale to fence the playgrounds, stadiums and majorly as a border between two countries. It is also used in Industrial parks as an added level of security.
  • CBT 65

    CBT 65
    The materials used for CBT 65 razor wire are low carbon iron wire, PVC coated iron wire. This kind of razor wire is used majorly in protecting of glass boundary, railways, military, prisons, dwelling houses and more. It is also used in wars as barriers for protection and defence. The CBT 65 razor wire can also be used around the forests and thereby stop the felling of trees.
  • Reinforced Barbed Wire

    Reinforced Barbed Wire
    The Reinforced Barbed Tape is used to hold the Concertina Coil to Angles. High tensile strength, rust proof, strong against all weather conditions, this type of wire is used at fields, farms, houses and parks. This kind of fencing is very strong and reinforced with a steel coil. High quality material is used in the manufacturing of Reinforced Barbed Wire so as to ensure properties like low maintenance, corrosion resistance and more.